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Filofax Friday: Daily Routine Checklist

Earlier this year I wrote about my daily default schedule insert (which is still available to download)  and how I use it to plan my free time. The design set out hourly slots to help me choose an activity to get on with should I not already be doing something else.

Today I am sharing with you a tweak of this insert which is activity based rather than time based. The daily routine checklist is a list of things I want to do every day of the week.  My intention is to include this in my writing and blogging Filofax.

Instead of hourly slots the insert includes the activies I want to do daily. You can download the daily routine checklist for free to use in your own planner. The download also includes a blank copy so you can write your own list of activies.

Download: Daily Routine Checklist  (suitable for all sizes).

Don’t forget if you enjoy the “Daily Routine”  to do list method of getting things done, whether it is for your blog, business or otherwise you can also use our custom daily routine notebook for more complex projects. A great new collection of cover designs are now available to order.


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