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Kickstarter Update

Kickstarter Update

Our most recent Kickstarter was a set of limited edition notebooks to help you with your goals and career development in 2018.

Successfully funded at the end of October we have now delivered our digital rewards to our backers and today we shipped our notebooks to our backers who should all get their rewards before we kick off the new year in 2018. .

Christmas Countdown: Write your Christmas Card List (and update your Contact List)

Christmas Countdown: Write your Christmas Card List (and update your Contact List)

Hopefully you are using your Christmas Planner to write your Christmas Card list.

Last year I realised the importance of doing the admin update and reviewing my contact list/address book before settling down to do my Christmas Cards.

Mothers are great for that kind of thing, they keep their little black book of family and friends updated, but in a day where so much contact is doing via smartphone, the postal address usually goes to the bottom of the list of contact details to update.  So why not take the opportunity to do a refresh of your contact list as well.

These days we are simply sending less cards. With my love of stationery I will always be happily sending physical Christmas cards where possible.

Don’t forget to make a note of last posting dates (particularly for international mail).

Generating Gift Ideas

Generating Gift Ideas

I am still trawling ideas for Christmas Presents for my loved ones (and my secret santa).

My planner keeps all my gift ideas in one safe space (and if I don’t use them this year, I might use them in the future).

Do you have a safe space for your ideas? If not why not check out our Christmas Planner.

If you are simply in need of more inspiration why not check out the following 5 gift suggestions:

Christmas Countdown Action Plans & Printables – Now available!

Christmas Countdown Action Plans & Printables – Now available!

Want to get organised this Christmas?

Look no further. Printed Portal’s Christmas Countdown is full of planners, to do lists and checklists to get you planning the best Christmas yet.

Get organised with gift planners, Christmas card lists, meal planners, party planners and more…. OVER 30 PRINTABLE INSERTS FOR YOU TO USE all for only a one off payment of £7.

As well as the printables you will have access to blog posts and contents during November and December.

Sign up now! (or simply visit the course page for more info)

Our latest Kickstarter – find out more!

Our latest Kickstarter – find out more!

“Starry Nights” Limited Edition Set of Notebooks for 2018 from Printed Portal

Any great notebook needs to be functional and much like our digital tools they should make our lives easier and more organised.That is what we believe and this is why we create Organisational Notebooks.

The Starry Nights Goals Notebooks are functional pocket notebooks designed to help you maximise your create your goals action plan, track your progress and review your goals.

These notebooks are designed to be a ‘light touch planning notebook’ that you use as part of your goal planning strategy to give you more time to work on your actual goals and to stop dreaming and start doing.

Choose any of our notebooks individually or get the complete set.

The Notebook Covers

For this limited edition only we have chosen three beautiful starry night covers – one in purple, one in blue and one in dark green. We are stepping away from our classic “it is what is on the inside that counts” covers and indulging in some eye candy from photographers Jeremy Thomas and Nathan Anderson.

Don’t worry you still get our organisational content on the inside.

The 2018 Goals Notebook (blue starry night cover)

The Goals Planner 2018 is designed to keep your Goal Planning discreet and effective. The pocket size of this notebook means that you can use it on the go, slip it into the pocket of larger notebooks or your personal or A5 sized filofax.

Unlike traditional goals planners it is not driven by a calendar or weekly planners. You have a set of goals for the year and an action plan. You are in your own self-imposed timetable (but you don’t have to be).

The layout includes:

  • your mission statement
  • your long term plan
  • your goals for 2018
  • your action plan and notes for each goal
  • your progress tracker
  • your review pages
  • your end of year review and
  • notes

The 2018 Career Development Goals Notebook (purple/pink starry night cover)

Part of any good work/life balance means that you need to focus on both your work and personal life and have goals in each. The goals planner 2018 will take care of your personal life the 2018 Career Development Goals Notebook will take care your working life whether you are a student, employee or self-employed the goals journal can help you focus.

This notebook follows the same format as the goals notebook above.

The “Prompt 52” Prompt Journal (green starry night cover)

This pocket notebook contains the new set of journal prompts for 2018.

These prompts will be available on the blog in 2018, but as part of this Kickstarter we are offering the opportunity to grab these prompts in pocket notebook form so that you can easily journal on-the-go right from the start of the year without waiting for the prompts to be released each week on the blog (

A sample of the prompts include:

  • notes from a conversation with my mentor;
  • a list of people to have coffee with;
  • what could I have done better this week.

The Pledges & Rewards

We will be offering the following rewards –

£5 pledge – PDF edition of the content of all three notebooks (for those of you who are filofax (or equivalent binder) users which will be delivered electronically.

£8 (early bird) and £10 – Choose any one of the pocket sized notebooks which will be offered at an £8 early bird, £10 for normal price. If you want more than one bump up your pledge level per notebook and we can sort this out directly.

£22 (early bird) and £25 for the complete set of all three notebooks. If you want more than one bump up your pledge level per set and we can sort this out directly.

Get your notebooks over on our Kickstarter Page