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Last Chance to get your Visibility Planner

Last Chance to get your Visibility Planner

We have reached our funding target on Kickstarter. We are down to the last 48 hours of the campaign so if you would like to back the planner – head on over to our Kickstarter page to place a pledge.

Don’t forget that while the Printables Collection will remain available for purchase after the end of the campaign, if you back us during the campaign you will save £10.

Thank you for your support – back us on kickstarter.

Plan your Visual Content

Plan your Visual Content

Another example of part of the Visibility Printables Collection.

The Visibility Printable Collection includes a Blogging Planner which includes a section on Visual Content which you can use to help plan your own visual content for your blog.

Set your goals for visual content

Start off by identifying what you want to use your visual content for. The planner we are using here is for planning visual content for your blogging, but you may also wish to use for your social media efforts as well. Set goals for what you want to achieve with your visual content.

decide on the types of visual content you want to use

As well as photographs you may wish to consider other types of visual content to use. This might include graphs or charts, videos, screenshots infographics etc. Mix it up and use different types of content to keep your audience interested.

write a plan

Write a plan for creating your visual content. once you have set goals and worked out the different types on content you feel comfortable using you can then start pulling together your plan using the printables provided.



How to elevate your brand awareness using a visibility planner

How to elevate your brand awareness using a visibility planner

Individuals and businesses have to market themselves in a way that puts them in front on their customers. Our visibility planner can help you identify who your customers are and where you can find them and help you to come up with a strategy to elevate your brand.

Identify what you are trying to achieve

Think about what exactly it is you want to achieve.

Identify what needs shaping up. Think small, but aim big.

Have a Strategy

Having a clear and thought out strategy for where and when you are going to be seen? Using scheduling tools for your online presence and social media.

Think about when and where you will gain the most engagement, and why. If you don’t know, experiment to help you find out.

Create Content

Think about where you want to people to see you and where they will see any content you create. People use social media to look for information. Do you use it? Does your business have a blog section? If not, start one. Write interesting and relevant content for your audience.

Invest your time

Once you have written your strategy invest time each week in your strategy and elevate your brand awareness.

The Printables Collection

The Printables Collection

The Printable Collection.

One of our rewards for our visibility planner is unlimited access to the Visibility Planner Printable Collection. If you back our Kickstarter and choose the Printable Collection you will save £10 on the retail price of this product. So let’s talk a little bit about what the Printable Collection includes.

The Printables Collection is an online collection of PYO printables that will help guide your Visibility Plan. It includes everything that it in the main Visibility Planner (PDF and Print editions) which is a guide for everyone, but will also include additional printables on topics we have designed to compliment the notebook that we wanted to include in the planner, but didn’t have mass appeal.  And of course the other great thing about the Printables Collection is that it will continue to be updated and will continue to grow.

Client Showcase and Analysis

The notebook is designed to carry out a brief analysis of your existing client base. However, this section is geared towards professionals and individuals who are working one on one with select / targeted clients. The additional printables in the printables collection will provide additional brainstorming pages and help you keep a more detailed record of different types of clients.

Get the Visibility Printables Collection on Kickstarter.

Using printables to create your own notebook

Using printables to create your own notebook

If you are backing either the PDF copy of the Visibility Notebook or the Visibility Printables Collection your may be wondering what to do with your print-your-own printables. Most of my readers are filofax users, so I originally started creating these with the intention that they can be printed, punched and used in an A5 Filofax.  Others, will print the notebooks at home and also bind them themselves. 

Today, I wanted to share another option.

Recently I have been re-using the covers notebooks I have finished but like the design of to use as covers for PYO printables. Once I’ve finished the a5 notebook, I simply remove the pages and staple in the printables instead, but it means that they last longer, are easier to carry around than an A5 filofax or folder and I get to enjoy a pretty  cover such as the notebook Pattern 21 by Georgiana Paraschiv.

Social Media Trackers [Printables]

Social Media Trackers [Printables]


We have just launched our visibility planner on Kickstarter. When thinking about your visibility strategy it is inevitable that one of the things you will need to consider is your social media presence and your online visibility. So today we are sharing with you a few different trackers that are now available as part of our free printables collection Prompts for Filofaxers afterwards they will form part of out Visibility Printables Collection. 

These printable will only be available with a Prompts for Filofaxers Subscription. You can get yours for FREE by becoming a mailing list subscriber – don’t miss out – subscribe now. Printables are accessed through the subscription. Until the end of February these prntables will form part of our Visibility Printables Collection.

Get ahead of the game and get our Visbility Printables Collection during our Kickstarter Campaign at a special Kickstarter price for £15 for unlimited access.


Embrace the Pen & Paper

Embrace the Pen & Paper

Computers are not made for brainstorming.

They do not make thinking easier – using pen and paper can make you more creative and can be a very powerful tool.

You may think that you do not need a pen and paper and that you will create your own visibility strategy online. Yes – you may end up keeping your calendar/schedule digitally, but more often than not the ideas will come when you are messing about with pen and paper.

The Visibility Planner (and in particular the Printables Collection) are designed to help you brainstorm  and it will help you identify:

  • where you need to be visible (and who do you need to be visible to);
  • how to be visible to your clients; and
  • strategies for maintaining your visibility.

The layout includes:

  • identifying your clients;
  • learning more about your clients;
  • identifying your ideal client;
  • identifying where you can find your client;
  • identifying the events and activities your should be doing to be visible;
  • your own visibility plan
  • year overview;
  • regular activity planner;
  • regular client contact planner;
  • networking event planner;
  • speaking engagement planner;
  • conference / event planner;
  • publication planner;

and more…

10 ways… to use the Visibility Planner

10 ways… to use the Visibility Planner


The Visibility Planner can be used by anyone to help them reach their visibility goals. You may be a professional looking to increase your visibility at events and improve on your networking. You may be a small business owner or entrepreneur looking to increase your customer base. You may be a blogger looking to increase your online presence. Whatever your reason for wanting to increase your visibility the visibility planner (and also the printables collection) will help you do this.

To help you understand how the visibility planner might help you personally we have included a list of 10 ways you might want to use the Visibility Planner.

  1. Use your Visibility Planner to help you get more speaking engagements.
  2. Use your Visibility Planner to help you prepare for conferences and other speaking gigs.
  3. Use your Visibility Planner to help identify potential publications and plan your publishing schedule.
  4. Use your Visibility Planner to plan your Networking Events and more importantly your follow-up.
  5. Use your Visibility Planner to ensure regular personal contact with your clients.
  6. Use your Visibility Planner to track your networking and other visibility activities.
  7. Use your Visibility Planner to help identify new events to attend and what activities you should target.
  8. Use your Visibility Planner to help identify your ideal clients and how you can get to know them better.
  9. Use your Visibility Planner to get you in front of your audience.
  10. Use your Visibility Planner to do your research.

Get your own Visibility Planner.