End of the Week Review

I can’t believe how quickly it has turned into November (and NaNoWriMo). The darker mornings are making it harder to get up early and I am already feeling like I am being less productive.

NaNoWriMo is steadily progressing. Unfortunately no writing got done yesterday as I finally went to see Skyfall at the cinema. Very enjoyable and the catchy theme song by Adele is still stuck in my head (I’m expecting myself to burst into a humming fit in the middle of work). On the word count I have exceeded 5,000 words so it is still progressing.

Outside of NaNo I finally released my Christmas Planner (a5) and the companion Blog last week.

In this upcoming week my focus will be mainly on NaNoWriMo and my Advocacy Course (not an exam but requires successful participation in 2 mock trials and dressing for court).

and below is last week’s Filofax 365/30. Again, a new month and a great new list.