A networking strategy tool for professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs to help build your network and develop relationships.

This is a bundle of the Networkit Deck and Stickers.

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What is Networkit?

Networkit is a strategy tool designed to help you build your network and develop relationships. Whether you are a professional, a business owner, an entrepreneur, an author or even a student or job-seeker you will be building relationships with contacts, colleagues, friends, clients and other people that you meet.

There are 3 main elements to the NetworkIt:

  • The Prompt Cards;
  • The Info Cards; and
  • The Info Stickers.

These can be used in a wide variety of ways to help you create and develop your networking strategy and help you manage your networking follow-up.

The NetworkIt Starter Deck is made up of Prompt Cards and Info Cards. It can be used with or instead of Business Cards.

The Prompt Cards

There are 3 types of Prompt Cards – the Active Network and Strategy Cards will prompt you to actively network and to review/develop your networking strategy.

However, the majority of the Prompt Cards are Follow-Up Cards. Following up is notoriously the hardest element of business networking, but the most important part.

The Info Cards

The Info Cards can be used to record information about an event, about a connection and to manage your follow-up.

The Networkit Starter Kit Prompt and Info Cards are 100% recycled fibre and 100% chlorine free and it’s 100% biodegradable, and recyclable! but are still premium quality at 352gsm. They are 84mm x 55mm ( 3.30″ x 2.16″) which is the same as a regular business card and they have a non-reflective finish and are perfect for writing on.

The Info Stickers

The Info Stickers are the third part of the Networkit.  These are the same as the info cards – only they are sticky. These can be used in many ways including:

  • Sticking them to the back of Business Cards to take notes or record information;
  • Sticking them on your Wall Planner
  • Sticking them in your Diary or Planner.

Each sticker in the Large Sticker Set comes on a separate sheet and are 84 x 55mm (3.30 x 2.17″) which means they fit perfectly with your Starter Kit. They’re printed on thick, durable vinyl with a varnish coating you can write on.

How to Use Networkit…

There are many ways that the Networkit can be used as part of your Business Networking Strategy. Read: 7 ways to Use Networkit for some examples.

Who is Networkit for?

Anyone who uses a network of relationships and wants to manage and build their relationships with professional contacts including professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, authors or even students/graduates and job-seekers.


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