Visibility Planner

Any great notebook needs to be functional and much like our digital tools they should make our lives easier and more organised. That is what we believe and this is why we create Organisational Notebooks. Following our Kickstarter Campaign, you can now purchase your own Visibility Planner in our shop.

The Notebook

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or entrepreneur, the Visibility Planner is a planner that helps you to build your own personalised visibility strategy.

The notebooks are as A5 coil bound soft cover notebooks or as part of our Printable Collection.

The Visibility Planner will help you identify:

  • where you need to be visible (and who do you need to be visible to);
  • how to be visible to your clients; and
  • strategies for maintaining your visibility.

The layout includes:

  • identifying your clients
  • learning more about your clients;
  • identifying your ideal client;
  • identifying where you can find your client;
  • identifying the events and activities your should be doing to be visible;
  • your own visibility plan
  • year overview;
  • regular activity planner;
  • regular client contact planner;
  • networking event planner;
  • speaking engagement planner;
  • conference / event planner;
  • publication planner;

and more…

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The Printables Collection

In addition to a PDF copy of the Visibility Notebook, the printables collection also contained a growing collection of printables to assist with your visibility strategy. In addition to the pages set out above, the printables collections contains a variety of printables covering the following topics:

  • blogging
  • client analysis
  • networking
  • speaking engagements planner
  • social media
  • visual strategy

Get access you the visibility printables now.