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Any great notebook needs to be functional and much like our digital tools they should make our lives easier and more organised.That is what we believe and this is why we create Organisational Notebooks.

The Career Progression Goals and Meetings Notebook is a planner that combines the strategies from the Goal Planners and the meeting preparation techiniques from the Meetings Notebook. These are functional notebooks designed to help you create and manage your career development goals action plan, track your progress and prepare and carry out the reviews in your career.

Unlike traditional goals planners it is not driven by a calendar or weekly planners. You have a set of goals for the year and an action plan. It has a monthly planner for those of you who need some structure but you are mainly driven by your own time-table (and when your employer sets your review meetings).

The Meetings Section has room for preparation and notes (in the same style as our meeting notebook) for 5 meetings as well as a larger review and planning section for your end of year appraisal or performance review meeting.