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Stop Procrastinating! End of the Week Review

Stop Procrastinating! End of the Week Review


As part of my Time Management Series on DIY Career Development I added a worksheet to use as part of your end of the week review.

As some of us (myself included) already have an end of the week review system set up in our Filofax I thought that it might be a nice addition to everyone’s collection (not just those of us working on developing our careers).

These Checklists can be used with ANY to-do list and are available in both personal and A4 size.

Read the full blog post and grab the download here.

Week #12 and #13: Colour Coding and Columns

Week #12 and #13: Colour Coding and Columns

I didn’t get a chance to post Week #12 last weekend so I have posted both Week #12 and #13. The focus the past couple of weeks in my free blogging time have been preparing for the a-to-z challenge, other non blogging related “adventures” have included the car breaking down and building my own computer (with seemingly endless delivery problems).


It has also been a great opportunity to try out using the A5 Filofax, and trying to arrange and colour code entries in an appropriate manner.


I have not really stuck to the whole colour coding thing but I am trying –¬† Blog posts in Green, Blog Admin in Red, Notebooks in Blue and Daily Appointments in Purple. Or even the RHS / LHS column arrangement – but hopefully the habit will develop and I shall compare pictures at the end of next month to see how we are getting along.



Week #11: in my new filofax

Week #11: in my new filofax

Last week I have indulged in buying my first A5 Filofax. I was incredibly tempted by the Osterley, but since funds are low (and I have yet to see how I will fair with an A5) I decided to go for a cheaper Filofax – the A5 Identity – to break me into the A5 lifestyle.

So for this week “my week” post I decided to include a picture of my week in my new Filofax (even if I am a bit late with it):


Hopefully more and better pictures next week.

p.s. I have decided to call change the numbering on my posts to coincide with the week number (11th week of the year) rather than the number of weeks I have been doing this. As there is only a weeks difference and it is getting confusing.


My Week #9 and Happy Mother’s Day

My Week #9 and Happy Mother’s Day


March is now in full swing and I have filled out this month’s planner using it to plan my Mother’s Day.

The week started off quite relaxed with a visit from my parents – we enjoyed a day shopping in town and a steak night in their hotel. It was a great opportunity to catch up as I don’t see them as often as I would like. Since my parents were visiting in person this week I gave my mother her present early (instead of posting it like I usually do). My dad unfortunately put his foot in it and spoiled the surprise. Nevertheless she loved the present.

Again, clean crisp planner and chaotic to-do list – just the way I like it.

Happy Mother’s Day – hope you all have a lovely day.




My Week #8: March Already!!?!

My Week #8: March Already!!?!

I can’t believe that we have reached March already. February seemed shorter this year than before (but obviously it wasn’t). In “Big News” it was my birthday this week and I am despairing at being yet another year older. This week I simply wrote “My Birthday”!! There was something depressing about getting older.


But in reality I did do other things. I went out for a lovely meal on my Birthday. I went to London this week as well (work related) and then had a good catch up with colleagues from a previous job at the weekend.

As mentioned last week I wanted to do a little review of how my other diaries interact.

As can be seen in the second photo (above) I have a daily to-do diary which gets very cluttered so that I don’t have to write so much in my monthly planner. As it is the end of the month I have also included a picture of my monthly Moleskine which I use for planning my blog posts (in a colour coded fashion). Some people wonder how I work with so many planners and filofaxes. Don’t get me started.

The Monthly Planner gives me my overview and some planning pages, then I work through the to do diary throughout the day as it manages my to-do list and then my Moleskine is for my blog planning (although have the time I don’t plan in advance and just keep track of when I blog instead).

At the moment I am mostly using this set up although this is due to change this month with the A to Z Challenge fast approaching.




Week #7: Networking

Week #7: Networking

Last week all the events I had “pre-scheduled” seemed to be networking events, including a delicious chocolate tasting event at the local museum.


Again, I have been keeping my planner 02 with a very fresh look and I continue to love using the lime green pen to write with.

My to-do lists have been more messy.

Next week I shall put together an end of month review as well as a week review to allow you to see how I use my monthly planners and weekly planners together.


Week #6: Valentine’s Planning and looking forward into March

Week #6: Valentine’s Planning and looking forward into March


It is my sixth week (I think) participating in Angela’s My Week. I love looking at what everyone else has been putting in their planner and how they have been decorating and doodling in it.

Like last week I have kept my planner 02 clean. I also got to use the Valentine’s Day Planner and pancake recipe which are included in the February Planner.


Great use of the planner this week.

If you are interested in picking up a planner yourself the March (Planner 03) is now available online and includes Mother’s Day Checklist and Easter Planning.

Week 5: a clean week with my new monthly planner

Week 5: a clean week with my new monthly planner

Last week I started using my Planner 02. I have decided to keep it clean cut and “stylish” for a new look. internalwk1

Last week was one of those hectic weeks where I seemed to have something on each evening from Art Exhibits to Bowling.

My New Year Resolution of trying new things and being social is actually going quite well. This week I even attended an open lecture at my local university.

Honestly though I am loving the clean and tidy look of last week – it makes life feel much less hectic and more tranquil. Yes, tranquil (rather than simply feeling relaxed).

I have gone for lime green pen for a couple of reasons…

1. I actually really like the lime green and it looks great against the clean white; and

2. all my other pens are running done at work (I have a set of stabilo fineliners for work and a set for home). Particularly, the red since I do a lot of drafting (and correcting).

I will see if I can keep this neatness through into next week…