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How to Organise your Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is approaching fast and first thing I do to start to get myself organised is work on my gift list.

This exercise forms two parts: creating a list of people you want to give gifts to and generating ideas you have for those gifts.

1. Write a list of people you need to buy gifts for

If you are using the Gift Planner in the Christmas Planner from Printed Portal you should use one grid per person in the Gift Ideas Section.

I usually prepare by reviewing last year’s list and noting what presents I bought.

If you don’t have a list from last year – don’t worry you can start from scratch.

2. Note key information about each person on your list

For each person you should then note key facts about them. I list favourite colour, their age and general interests.

3. Assign a Budget

You should then assign a budget (maximum spend) for each person. (If you are using the Christmas Planner there is also a ‘gift budget’ within the gift planner section).

4. Note Gift Ideas

I normally don’t do my gift shopping until the end of November / December. The month of November is all about generating some good ideas based off the list in my planner. At the end of the month I will compare these ideas before deciding what to buy. This way I can review my budget and make all my purchases at once. If you are using the Christmas Planner you can note the ideas, the sources of the gift and the cost in the grid.

If you have got a list from last year this is also worth a review so you don’t get the same gift as last year.

You can buy The 2013 Christmas Planner from Printed Portal here [no longer available].






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