Christmas Planner

Write Your Christmas Countdown – Planners now 25% off

The 2013 Christmas Planner from Printed Portal includes a Countdown planner for the month of December to allow you to note down your appointments and to-dos for each day and anything else that might end up on your schedule.

Pictured in an example of my last four days in my planner. The Christmas planner allows me to expand on my Christmas Countdown to-do list. This works with my filofax as my filofax will simply not the key action and the planner will give me my action plan.

Write your Christmas Planner by breaking down your Christmas Planning into manageble steps and writing a few goals for what you want to get done that day.

If you are still without a Christmas Planner this day our Christmas Planner is now 25% OFF for those of you who still need to catch up with your preparations.


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