A5 Diary Inserts (Multilingual) are irritating me already… swapsy? #filofax

Multilingual Diary Inserts

As you may have noticed I have recently bought a new Bright Blue Calipso Filofax in A5, which I love. However, I didn’t like the multilingual inserts that they came with. While I appreciate that not everyone wants their inserts in english I find that the extra wording takes up page real estate. PRECIOUS page real estate (yes, even on an A5 page).

Picture 1 show the top of the week on 2 page view which has the days of the week and the month written in an additional 4 languages as well as english. I was surprised by this since I bought my planner from filofax UK. Picture 2 shows the second thing I dislike about is that the 2014 front page shows the days going downwards and the weeks going across the top (my 2013 inserts did this the other way round).

Am I being too picky? Anyone fancy a swapsy for some ordinary column format WO2P inserts for A5 before I start using them? 🙂

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