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Diary summary inserts for my on-the-go ‘fax

Earlier this week I blogged about my new on-the-go ‘fax.

As I mentioned in this earlier post – this slimline is to fit in my smaller bags and jacket pockets. This means I do not have to carry around my full planner. However, I did think it would be good to include a Diary Summary so that what I am out and about and I bump into someone who says “can you do drinks or coffee or whatever on x date?” I still know even though I have not got my main Filofax on me.

Below was my first attempt:

I used this set up for the past few weeks just with the November and December Inserts. After a week of so of use, I put together a 2013 set with a few minor tweaks and improvements.

Here is what it looks like now. This dates in the grid are clearer and the weekends are shaded on the list.

The download is for a personal sized Filofax and can be printed on A4 paper (single sided rather than my usual double-sided inserts).

If anyone wants the double-sided version just email me at contact[at]printedportal[.]com

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