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Embrace the Pen & Paper

Computers are not made for brainstorming.

They do not make thinking easier – using pen and paper can make you more creative and can be a very powerful tool.

You may think that you do not need a pen and paper and that you will create your own visibility strategy online. Yes – you may end up keeping your calendar/schedule digitally, but more often than not the ideas will come when you are messing about with pen and paper.

The Visibility Planner (and in particular the Printables Collection) are designed to help you brainstorm  and it will help you identify:

  • where you need to be visible (and who do you need to be visible to);
  • how to be visible to your clients; and
  • strategies for maintaining your visibility.

The layout includes:

  • identifying your clients;
  • learning more about your clients;
  • identifying your ideal client;
  • identifying where you can find your client;
  • identifying the events and activities your should be doing to be visible;
  • your own visibility plan
  • year overview;
  • regular activity planner;
  • regular client contact planner;
  • networking event planner;
  • speaking engagement planner;
  • conference / event planner;
  • publication planner;

and more…

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