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#Filofax Friday: The Coffee Meeting

FF (inserts)

As part of our #filofaxfriday series, we are reissuing our “Coffee Dates” Insert for the A5 filofax which forms part of our Career Development date

Sometimes is can be hard to even get a coffee meeting in the diary (and the coffee meeting is just the start). This insert helps you schedule your coffee meetings – and a coffee meetings notebook will help you consistently follow-up and continue to attend meetings. After all the people who you keep in contact with are usually the people who you end up doing business with.

While you may want to use the Meeting Notebook for this purpose… it is not what it is designed for (we have a much better solution on the way for that and we are going to give you a couple of tasters in our £5 PDF bundle on our current Kickstarter if you are interested in a preview.)

Insert Downloads & Printables will only be available with a Prompts for Filofaxers Subscription. You can get yours for FREE by becoming a mailing list subscriber – don’t miss out – subscribe now.

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