Top 10 Ways to Use the A-Z Filofax Dividers

This week I had been thinking about how to use the A-Z dividers in my new A5 Calipso Filofax and designed an A-Z Index Insert which I have made the blank version available for free as this week’s filofax friday post and this led to to think about how I use the A to Z divider inserts in other filofaxes. So here we have it – the top ways to use the dividers.

Top 10 Ways to Use the A-Z Filofax Dividers

  1. Address Book and Business Cards
  2. Smart Phone Backup
  3. Recipes
  4. Filing System
  5. Lists / Record-Keeping
  6. Information / Wiki on a particular topic
  7. Spare Inserts
  8. Logins and Passwords
  9. Dictionary / Vocab for languages, legal or medical terms.
  10. Reference Material such as samples, colours  and materials

At the moment I currently use my A to Z dividers in the following ways:

A to Z Dividers: as an address book

Sometimes even in a world of technology the A to Z filofax dividers can be used as intended to organise your contacts. In my Networking Filofax I use the A to Z dividers to sort out my networking contacts. I actually have special inserts I use for my contacts to keep track of the extra information like where I met them and business we have done together but I simply file them alphabetically using the A to Z dividers. I don’t keep this information in my phone, but in my filofax.

A to Z Dividers: as a filing system

A lot of filofax users use their A to Z Dividers as a filing system. I do too in my Blogging Filofax which you can read more at my sub-blog: The Blogging Planner Project.

Sometimes there is a tendancy to file random pages so if you have trouble remembering what is filed under each letter you can download our handy a to z index printable. I use the A to Z index Dividers as a Filing System in 3 of my filofaxes.

A to Z Dividers: as an index for a topic specific binder

For those of us who justify mulitple planners by dedicating each binder to a specific topic you may organise the binder using the A to Z Index Dividers for example in your study binder or career binder. In my Career Development Filofax I use my A to Z Index for my research on different companies, which are of course, organised alphabetically.

These are my favourite ways to use the Dividers. Share yours in the comments.


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