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Monthly Dividers in my Filofax

When I purchased my A5 Identity I also purchased some Collins Debden Monthly Dividers.

monthly dividers

The holespacing worked but what i didn’t realise was that the pages were narrower and that the dividers would not protrude over the edge to allow them to be visible.

At first I thought this meant that they were completely useless as dividers and didn’t bother to do anything with them – simply forgetting about them.

More recently I thought it might be a good idea to start a ‘newsletter‘ I have not really got this idea off the ground yet and have so far only been generating ideas.

However, I only really want to do a monthly newsletter and I thought that these dividers might be a great place to keep this information. These dividers have worked better than I thought they would  – they allow me to plan ahead and organise content while remaining discreet. I know this information is there and don’t need the actual monthly dividers to locate instead they are used to Sort.

Do you use your monthly dividers for ‘sorting’  or ‘locating’?


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