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Networking Planner: The Different Event Layouts

networking planner - printed portal


The Networking Planner has a number of key layouts for different types of networking events:

  • general networking events;
  • training events and seminars; and
  • conferences.

There are also space for one-on-ones and other check-ins with your contacts which we have covered separately.

General Networking Events

Networking Planner - Networking Events Page

Networking Planner from Printed Portal  - Networking Events - at and After

Here are some photographs of the Networking Events Layout. This is a 4 page layout including general information about Networking Events and following up after the event. You can find more details about how you can properly use these layouts at Networking Tips for Beginners.

Training Events and Seminars

We also have Networking Event pages for Training Events and Seminars. This includes a larger section for you to write notes about any speakers that are attending the event and do some pre-event research but looking into who they are as this can help you be better prepared for what to expect and what questions you might have.

Networking Planner - Seminars

These pages include the standard sections for writing down notes about the guest list and who is going to be in attendance (and of course who you met) and any buzz on social media. There is a larger Notes and Questions section.

Networking Planner - Seminar page 2

I use the Notes/Questions Section in both my preparation for the event and my post-event follow-up. It also includes space to write down specific learning points, further research that you might want to do after the event and general follow-up.

Networking Planner - People I Met

Then this layout inludes the standard people I met page.


Networking Planner - Conference

Finally we have the conferences section. This is for all-day conferences where there are more speakers than the normal training event and /or networking session. This section follows the same layout as the Seminars Section but with more space for Speakers, a new section for Sponsors & Exhibitors, more targeted guest list section and more space for noting down people you met at the conference.



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