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P is for… Photography

atoz of wedding planningYour photographer is one of the elements of your wedding that is worth spending some money one. Yes – you can got DIY with disposable cameras and selfie sticks. However, what most people love is a proper collection of memories – a collection of wedding photographs.

Our inserts cover your photographer’s details, your prewedding shoot and space to plan you list of wedding shots that you want.

P is for PhotographyDownload: Wedding Planner – Photographer (A5)

The A to Z of Wedding Planning Printable/Insert Series will be available throughout the April A to Z Challenge only. Don’t forget the rest of our Insert Downloads & Printables are available with a Prompts for Filofaxers Subscription. You can get yours for FREE by becoming a mailing list subscriber – don’t miss out – subscribe now.

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5 thoughts on “P is for… Photography

  1. A good photographer is so important – the amount of people that choose cheap and are then surprised at the quality of the photographs! I never understand that – one of the most important days of your life, and you’ve spent thousands, why scrimp?!

  2. We had a great photographer. We had so many quality people like the DJs and the cake baker. Too bad the guy who married us was such an @$$.

  3. The photographer was the one thing we really splurged on for our wedding. Now almost 3 years later, I am really glad that we did. The photos turned out really nice and we have them hanging in a mural on our wall in our office. The day went so fast, it is really cool to see all that she captured that we didn’t even know was going on!

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