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Planning my A to Z Challenge – an update

atozupdateI have started planning my A to Z Challenge posts this week using my notebook. I started by generating a list of a few options for the different letters of the alphabet and then moved on to planning the bare bones of each of the blog posts. A couple of examples are in the pictures above.

So far it has been working okay. I have started carrying my notebook in my handbag so I can work on ideas in my free time (and write down a quick note if an idea springs to mind when I am not expecting it).

As you may have read in a previous post regarding my theme I am doing an A to Z of Filofax Inserts. So do visit again in the month of April for some filofax goodies.

Until then why not sign yourself up for the challenge or if you are already signed up – why not download my free Planning your A to Z Challenge pdf version of my notebook.

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