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R is for… Recipes and Menu Planning


The theory is that we rotate through a set number of favourite menus. I originally designed these inserts to 1) work out which were my favourite dishes and 2) to save me from digging through my recipe books every time I want to plan my weekly shop or cook in the evening.

The set available to download includes a weekly overview (so you can write down what you are going to cook and ensure that you cover all your food groups for a balanced diet), recipe pages for the week (see below for example) and a shopping list. I have removed the shopping review from this insert as it made it difficult to print due to the odd number of pages (you need one set of inserts a week) and this will be included in tomorrow’s post.

insert - r

How do you record your recipes and do a menu plan? Do you combine your system or keep them separate?

Download: Recipes and Menu Plan

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6 thoughts on “R is for… Recipes and Menu Planning

  1. I used to do this sort of thing when my kids were young. Now they’re gone, and we just wing it – after all, we can just have toast, or potato salad straight from the shop tub, nobody is checking!

  2. Due to our personal choice to live in a remote location, we shop infrequently. I menu plan weekly on scratch paper and transfer the plan to a whiteboard on the fridge, but I plan using freezer & pantry inventory pages and a list of favorite meals all kept in the filofax. Shopping list is here too and I love how easy it is to plan our bimonthly shop using these pages. Takes work to set it up but once done works a charm.

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