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SneakPeak: Happy Valentine’s Day

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Today is day two of our Kickstarter Campaign. It is also Valentine’s Day. Whether you are exchanging a card and gift with a loved one today or not – you will be happy to add our present shopping list notebook to your collection of notebooks.

The Present List Notebook is the March Edition of our Subs Club. If you back our campaign and select the March Subscription or any of the multiple month options you will receive this notebook. It is designed to keep track of the gifts given to (and received from) your loved ones over the next five years. It also has room to track key information such as likes dislikes and favourite colours. You can use it either with close family and friends which will make a nice record book or alternatively use it for more distant relatives so you avoid giving them the same present three years running (or both).

Help make our subscription club a reality – and get your own copy of the present list notebook (or print your own – this is a very handy set of inserts to have in your personal planner).


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