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T is for… Time Recording


We have talked about time recording before where I was trying to fill three spare hours productively. I then went on to develop a list of areas that I wanted to work on and the associated activities before deciding how much time I could allocate to each of those activities.

I then put together a list of targets for each activity.

Each month I now review the target, review my actual recorded hours and analyse what needs to be changed or improved. These inserts help with this.

insert t

I then consider:

  • What area do I need to work more at?
  • What are my biggest time wasters?
  • What will I change next month?

The goal is of course to maximise productivity and make good use of your time (and profitable use of your time).

Time-Recording is of course the habit of a lawyer (to be) – Do you time record?

Download: Time-Recording Insert

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