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Week #12 and #13: Colour Coding and Columns

I didn’t get a chance to post Week #12 last weekend so I have posted both Week #12 and #13. The focus the past couple of weeks in my free blogging time have been preparing for the a-to-z challenge, other non blogging related “adventures” have included the car breaking down and building my own computer (with seemingly endless delivery problems).


It has also been a great opportunity to try out using the A5 Filofax, and trying to arrange and colour code entries in an appropriate manner.


I have not really stuck to the whole colour coding thing but I am trying –  Blog posts in Green, Blog Admin in Red, Notebooks in Blue and Daily Appointments in Purple. Or even the RHS / LHS column arrangement – but hopefully the habit will develop and I shall compare pictures at the end of next month to see how we are getting along.



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