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What I have been reading… this A to Z Challenge (Part 2)


So today is Sunday – no A to Z post – instead I have been catching up with revisiting blogs I have been enjoying this challenge. We are approaching the end of the challenge and I have been trying to maintain a steady – reading 10 blogs a day.

Here are the ones that I would recommend (that I have found since my first “What I have been Reading” post). Why not drop by when you have some free time:

  1.  Outside Perception
  2.  Nancy Jardine
  3.  The Donkey MBA
  4.  Speeding Turtle gets Fit
  5.  Carol’s Notebook
  6.  Practically at Home
  7. Working in Words
  8. RK Grow
  9. Poke the Rock
  10. My Baffling Brain
  11. Click’s Clan
  12. My morning cup of coffee

Read Part 1 of what I have been reading for more great links. Find it here.


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