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The Year Planner: a closer look

networking planner - printed portal

The Networking Planner (Bumper Edition) contains a decent sized year planner to help you organise and keep track of all your networking activities for the year.

The Year Planner is undated, but has room for 12 months (a full year) and includes:

Networking Planner -year plan - 2018 overview

Yearly Overview Calendar (with dates) for 2018 and 2019 for easy reference.

Networking Planner - yearly planner - month grid

Monthly Plan. A month grid overview for each month so that you can see the whole month across a page spread for easy reference.

Networking Planner - yearly planner - weekly Plan

Weekly View Pages. One side contains the days of the week so that you can write about specific events etc. On the other side there is a to-do list page for the week.


I’ve include below some example of how you might like to use these pages:

2018 year planner - networking planner

You might like to check off the days/dates of the year planner as you progress through the year. Do it in colour and you can brighten up the pages.

networking planner - month view - blurred

The monthly pages (blurred) can be used to plan out your month. I have also used sticky tabs in in this planner to mark the months.

networking Planner - week commencing pages

Networking Planner - to do list

The week pages are split view. I use one side to write the details of what I have going on that day (and sometimes I also include reminders of other things going on more generally). The on the to do list side I use the same box as the relevant day so for example if I am planning on doing it on Wednesday I’ll write the to do item in the third box (to give me a bit of guidance for when I should do it) but overall I treat this as a to do list for the week as I won’t have time each day to do something on the to do list.

monthly tabs for networking planner

Finally, here I have also added some tabs to the planner pages to split out the months. Don’t forget the monthly and weekly planners are mixed in together so you don’t have to jump around the planner to change from month to week views.

Any questions on our year planner pages? Let us know in the comments!

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