Filofax Friday: To Do Grid

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An important addition to your filofax is a To Do Grid. I tend to use this when I have an event or an occassion that I need to organise and get ready for when I don’t already have a dedicated Filofax Insert.

Take this weekend for example my other half’s parents are coming to visit for the weekend. Having visitors requires some obvious preparation: cleaning the house, getting the guest room ready and in our case preparing to babysit a dog for the weekend.

This is not a regular occurence for us since all our relatives live far away and we have only just purchased our first home. Therefore a checklist was not part of my Insert Collection (although I hope to do this in the future). So I decided to do my planning using my To Do Grid.

It then occurred to me this is not currently available as one of my downloads. So I thought I would share it with all of you today.

Free Download: To-Do Grid

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