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Now available: Networking Planner #make100

Last year, we announced that we would once again be launching a new product on Kickstarter. We are pleased to announce that our latest Kickstarter campaign: the Networking Planner is now live. The Networking Planner is suitable for anyone who wants to use professional and business networking (combined with online networking) to boost their visibility. This might be your visibility with clients, customers and other contacts to reach your own personal goals.

The Networking Planner – Versions

As with previous campaigns, the notebooks are available as PDFs or as a limited edition A5 notebook with coil binding. As this is part of the “Make 100” Campaign we have limited the production of this notebook to 100 copies of each version.

You will have a choice of two versions of the Networking planner:

  • the LITE version (approx 200 pages) for those of you who are looking to build networking into your strategy; and
  • the BUMPER version (approx 450 pages) for those of you who network on a more regular basis.

The Networking Planner – Pages

Each version contains a number of sections including:

  • networking goals,
  • year planner pages,
  • events planner,
  • membership and events pages
  • bespoke events pages including training seminars and conferences
  • priority contacts lists and follow-ups and
  • an online networking section

More information can be found on all of these on the kickstarter campaign page for the Networking Planner. We will also be writing about some of these sections pages in more detail on this blog and at Networking Tips for Beginners to help you get a better idea about ways you can use these planners in your own planning.

The Networking Planner – Covers

Finally, you will also have a choice of covers (which will be chosen at the end of the campaign). There is a currently a choice of two covers: Coffee and Ivy. If we are successful with our campaign we will include further cover choices as stretch goals.

Get your copy of the planner on kickstarter now.

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