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What are your networking highlights for 2018?

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We all have busy lives and a limited number of hours in the day. We simply can’t possibly do everything. The networking planner can help.

However, being organised and planning ahead can help us make sure that we cover off as much as possible and do our “highlights of the year”. Each year I create a “must do” list for the year ahead. This is usually a work-in-progress list in my journal where I include both events where I have attended and come away thinking – “I really must do that again next year” and events that I have missed out on and I want to make sure I don’t miss out again.  Simply put these are the events that if you did nothing else you’d be happy you did these events.  The work-in-progress will then translate into an actionable list of events to book and attend during the year.

highlights for 2018…

Using the “Highlights of the Year” overview list to make a list of your must do events can be a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on early bird tickets, you aren’t on holiday and you don’t double-book yourself. It can also help when you are preparing your budget for your networking events.

The highlights page in the Networking Planner includes space for 8 events. As you can seen in the picture above it includes space for detail of the events, the date and the location. I have included the location because “Highlights of the Year” events are not always in your locality and your “must-do” events for the year might include a training course or conference, a trade show or even a retreat abroad. Think big!

The Networking Planner also includes some blank space for you to write some details of the events and/or research this is particularly if you are looking into trying a new event. If you are someone who suffers from Fear of Messing Up Notebook why not us a messy page in a general notebook and when you have finalised your highlights insert them into your networking planner.

So what are your highlights for 2018?

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