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L is for … Lists


I will be the first to admit that writing lists in a Filofax are addictive. Last year I started the Filofax Lists 365/30 an idea started by Kate from Life of the Perpetual Student and Imy. Unfortunately following the house move I got side tracked and only started writing these lists again last month.

I love writing lists – many participants in the challenge love writing lists. There was a great post prior to the blogging challenge on the challenge site ( 10 Reasons for Loving Lists) check it out if you missed it.

In March I started taking part in Vik Lit’s Celebrating the Small Things on my other blog where I have been listing the small things that make me happy each week. These lists make me smile when I look back at them and can see that no matter what else went wrong that week  – I always have a reason to celebrate (and be positive). So I decided I wanted them become part of my Filofax routine and made a Filofax copy:

insert L

Whether or not you are taking part in the blog hop – celebrating the small things in your life should be something you do and something you share (even if it is just within the confines of your Filofax): Small achievements that create a positive energy.

How do you celebrate yours?

Download: Lists – Celebrating the Small Things

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