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What I have been reading… this A to Z Challenge


So today is Sunday – no A to Z post – instead I have been catching up with revisiting blogs I have been enjoying this challenge. We are roughly halfway through the challenge and I have been trying to maintain a steady – reading 10 blogs a day.

Here are the ones that I would recommend (one for each day of the challenge so far). Why not drop by when you have some free time:

  1. Is Anyone There?
  2. Safire Blade
  3. The Capillary
  4. The Daily Dish Recipes
  5. First Draft Cafe
  6. Rinelle Grey
  7. Conflict Tango
  8. So, you’re a writer
  9. Tara Tyler Talks
  10. M3
  11. The incoherent ramblings of a moose
  12. Jocelyn Rish
  13. Confessions of a Job Seeker
  14. The Wicked Writer



2 thoughts on “What I have been reading… this A to Z Challenge

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