Plan your Visual Content

Another example of part of the Visibility Printables Collection.

The Visibility Printable Collection includes a Blogging Planner which includes a section on Visual Content which you can use to help plan your own visual content for your blog.

Set your goals for visual content

Start off by identifying what you want to use your visual content for. The planner we are using here is for planning visual content for your blogging, but you may also wish to use for your social media efforts as well. Set goals for what you want to achieve with your visual content.

decide on the types of visual content you want to use

As well as photographs you may wish to consider other types of visual content to use. This might include graphs or charts, videos, screenshots infographics etc. Mix it up and use different types of content to keep your audience interested.

write a plan

Write a plan for creating your visual content. once you have set goals and worked out the different types on content you feel comfortable using you can then start pulling together your plan using the printables provided.