How to elevate your brand awareness using a visibility planner

Individuals and businesses have to market themselves in a way that puts them in front on their customers. Our visibility planner can help you identify who your customers are and where you can find them and help you to come up with a strategy to elevate your brand.

Identify what you are trying to achieve

Think about what exactly it is you want to achieve.

Identify what needs shaping up. Think small, but aim big.

Have a Strategy

Having a clear and thought out strategy for where and when you are going to be seen? Using scheduling tools for your online presence and social media.

Think about when and where you will gain the most engagement, and why. If you don’t know, experiment to help you find out.

Create Content

Think about where you want to people to see you and where they will see any content you create. People use social media to look for information. Do you use it? Does your business have a blog section? If not, start one. Write interesting and relevant content for your audience.

Invest your time

Once you have written your strategy invest time each week in your strategy and elevate your brand awareness.