Using printables to create your own notebook

If you are backing either the PDF copy of the Visibility Notebook or the Visibility Printables Collection your may be wondering what to do with your print-your-own printables. Most of my readers are filofax users, so I originally started creating these with the intention that they can be printed, punched and used in an A5 Filofax.  Others, will print the notebooks at home and also bind them themselves. 

Today, I wanted to share another option.

Recently I have been re-using the covers notebooks I have finished but like the design of to use as covers for PYO printables. Once I’ve finished the a5 notebook, I simply remove the pages and staple in the printables instead, but it means that they last longer, are easier to carry around than an A5 filofax or folder and I get to enjoy a pretty  cover such as the notebook Pattern 21 by Georgiana Paraschiv.