The Printables Collection

The Printable Collection.

One of our rewards for our visibility planner is unlimited access to the Visibility Planner Printable Collection. If you back our Kickstarter and choose the Printable Collection you will save £10 on the retail price of this product. So let’s talk a little bit about what the Printable Collection includes.

The Printables Collection is an online collection of PYO printables that will help guide your Visibility Plan. It includes everything that it in the main Visibility Planner (PDF and Print editions) which is a guide for everyone, but will also include additional printables on topics we have designed to compliment the notebook that we wanted to include in the planner, but didn’t have mass appeal.  And of course the other great thing about the Printables Collection is that it will continue to be updated and will continue to grow.

Client Showcase and Analysis

The notebook is designed to carry out a brief analysis of your existing client base. However, this section is geared towards professionals and individuals who are working one on one with select / targeted clients. The additional printables in the printables collection will provide additional brainstorming pages and help you keep a more detailed record of different types of clients.

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